KPA Act.pdf KPA Act.pdf
Size : 157.028 Kb
Type : pdf
Revisedtariff.pdf Revisedtariff.pdf
Size : 254.836 Kb
Type : pdf
Ship Agencies documents

KPA Vessels Operation application and agreement forms. Any overseas vessels coming to our Ports MUST fill in these forms before arrival through their Agents on the Island.

Application form -FormA.pdf Application form -FormA.pdf
Size : 135.996 Kb
Type : pdf
ISPS Requirement -FormB.pdf ISPS Requirement -FormB.pdf
Size : 99.217 Kb
Type : pdf
Agreement -FormC.pdf Agreement -FormC.pdf
Size : 180.308 Kb
Type : pdf

 Landspace and Canteen hire application forms

AGREEMENT FORM land space.pdf AGREEMENT FORM land space.pdf
Size : 108.161 Kb
Type : pdf
KPA Canteen hire agreenment form.pdf KPA Canteen hire agreenment form.pdf
Size : 153.647 Kb
Type : pdf

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