Releasing Cargoes procedure

Step 1:           Make sure that you have these documents ready before you go to Customs Office

a.                  Original Bill of Lading (BoL) from your overseas supplier

b.                  Import Entry (either filled in by you or an Agent to assess costs on the imported cargo. Obtaining costs on the import entry is from the BoL and the invoice)

c.                    Make 5 copies of the above documents (2copies for Customs, 2 copies for KPA-Warehouse & Exit gate and 1 copy for you)

(Processing duration is approximately 1 day)

Import Entry to be presented later to KPA

When presenting your Import Entry at KPA, make sure that you have visited the offices below and that they have put their STAMP and Signed on your Import Entry. The offices are:-

a.                   Custom’s Cashier

b.                  Agent (SAOK, JSL, KPA & KSSL)

c.                   Quarantine (office near Copra Board & High Court)

d.                  Landing Custom (office at KPA)

e.                   Health (If cargoes are food and drink otherwise, there is no need)

Step 2 :     Releasing from KPA yard

                        First Visit:

When all documents have been stamped and signed, proceed on to

a.                    KPA Cashier(office upstairs) to pay for your Port Charges then to

b.                    KPA Warehouse(office downstairs) and leave a copy of your Import Entry to Tally Clerk where he/she will record your Import Entry into a database system

Please take note that all documents that are received in the morning will be released in the afternoon and documents that are received in the afternoon will be released on the next day.

                        Second Visit:

a.                    Get your number from the releasing Officer

b.                    Wait until your number is called by a Tally Clerk

c.                    A Tally Clerk has to go with you and get General Workers to unpack your cargoes if loose, onto your vehicle or will just check your container if releasing the Full Container.

d.                   A Tally Clerk will issue a Release Note after counting your cargo to your vehicle if loose cargoes.

e.                    Two Tally Clerks will sign and the third person is to approve that the releasing of cargo are appropriate through proper documents.

f.                     You, the consignee shall sign the releasing document too (but make sure that you have received on your vehicle the correct items and numbers)

g.                    Two copies of the Release Note shall be issued to you. One copy is to be left at Exit Gate together with your Import Entry.

All seal containers shall be opened with the presence of a Tally clerk, Agent and Customs.


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